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Additional Resources for MALACHIM Jewish Angel Cards

Some helpful background about the beloved song Shalom Aleichem

How the singing of Shalom Aleichem might fit into welcoming Shabbat

The Hebrew and transliteration (pronounciation of Hebrew)  and an adapted translation

Listen to two different melodies of Shalom Aleichem

To receive a version of Shalom Aleichem which uses feminine and masculine Hebrew,
English, and transliteration to describe both God and the malachim / angels, please contact Deborah Eisenbach-Budner at 

Peruse a beautifully illustrated children’s book, Shabbat Angels,  based on the Talmudic midrash about the two angels who accompany a person home on Shabbat.

Learn about Kavannah Cards, made by Betsy Teutsch, which are 22 double sided full-color original cards with a focal word for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet, along with translation.

Additional New Jewish Rituals has a wealth of information about Jewish rituals that have been created in the last few decades to either address previously invisible passages in the lives of Jews or to enhance life-cycle, holiday, Shabbat, Rosh Hodesh and other celebrations. Inventing Jewish Ritual by Vanessa Ochs (Jewish Publication Society, 2007) is a thorough and enjoyable exploration of how and why there has been such growth in Jewish ritual adaptation and innovation in the last few decades.

Below are examples of three ritual adaptations/innovations. The first is for marriage/commitment ceremonies and the second is for use during the Passover seder. Both seek to  affirm and make visible the experience of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Jews and others who have been disaffirmed in traditional Judaism. For more information about either one, please contact Deborah Eisenbach-Budner  at

  1. Spilling out Wine: An Eighth Blessing for the Wedding of a Man and Woman, which Affirms Same-Sex Relationships. Read it here or at

  2. The Background of the Orange on the Seder Plate and a Ritual of Inclusion. Read it here or at

  3. Ritual of Inclusion. Available at